Sunday, May 30, 2010

Now to plan a funeral

Where do we have our son's funeral? We know that the parking lot at the church we attend is too small. We realize that the church DJ had attended the school of when he was little was just the right one. Again, he ordained most of these decisions years prior. The pastor of this church gives us real answers to real questions. He smiles and knows the presence of God is all around. He is not fake and he is not afraid to talk about the worst thing going on in our life. So many pastors that came to the hospital kept trying to rub my arms and pat my back--I got so tired of feeling like my skin was being rubbed off. So many talked about the housing market and normal things, but this pastor talked about DJ, he gave us real words of encouragement, he guided us as we needed guided. We had never walked this walk and we needed someone to direct us and let us know any decisions we made were the right ones when it concerned DJ's funeral. It was okay for us to share stories about him defending a younger classmate by slamming an older one into a locker--maybe not the best way to resolve problems but DJ certainly didn't allow the little kid to get bullied. He didn't mind that at the end of the funeral we wanted to play Johnny Cash's Get Rhythm. Someone else might have thought it wasn't the song to chose, it was about a boy who shined shoes and would get rhythm when he would get down. It was the last song I had enjoyed with DJ before his death. And it was played very loud at the funeral. This pastor didn't correct or counter our decisions, he uplifted us with his words and his presence.

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