Friday, May 14, 2010

Today is not a good day

I'm not telling my story in sequence today--today was a bad day. In honor of DJ every year I put on a DJ's day and give away skateboard helmets, have free food, free band, free everything. I have flyers made up for the event and today I handed some out to people. Today I picked the fire department in the city where DJ's accident was. The fireman that came and got the flyers from me told me he was the first one on the accident scene. Remember I wondered why they had stopped alongside the road? Well I couldn't ask, all I could do was try to hold myself together and not cry when he told me this. He was the last person who heard my son talk, who heard his voice, who talked to him before he was brain dead. It took all I could do to not cry, it is all I can do right now at this moment to see the key board because my eyes are full of tears. Today is a bad, sad, hard, unforgiving, miserable, heavy laden, agonizing, horrible bad day

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