Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The long day continues with an ambulance ride

I have always prayed for ambulances along the roads, with their lights flashing going somewhere with someone, someone unknown to me, I have always prayed for these unknown people. Unfortunately today I was praying for my son in that ambulance, praying for him while their lights were flashing while they were going to the hospital with my son. I followed them in my car, I even parked behind them when they stopped the ambulance along the road--doing what to my son I never found out, I never wanted to know I guess, it would not have changed the outcome of his death. I sat in the car along the roadside praying for DJ, praying for my son. Calling my husband to pray and meet me at the hospital, calling my closest friend to pray for him. This time I knew the person in the ambulance and this time I prayed for someone I loved dearly. I flew as fast as they did to the hospital, hoping a policeman wouldn't stop me and delay my trip to the hospital--delay the results from a concussion--or so I was hoping and praying. It's amazing how praying for a concussion was the positive and hopeful prayer, I had never prayed for a certain injury before-amazing the things that change your world even your prayer world

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