Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What to wear

DJ was a skinny boy. At the beginning of football season he weighed 110 lbs-not much on his 5 ft 4 inch frame. He was so happy and proud to finally be over 100 lbs. After sweating in football he was down to 105, he was never able to gain those prized 5 lbs back. What to dress DJ in then? His pants kept falling off him because of his weight loss, he had one skinny pair of jeans that weren't really skinny on him at all but we picked those. Perhaps other family members would have picked a suit and tie, or slacks and button up shirt. But this wasn't DJ's personality, he was a skateboarder through and through. We picked his favorite skateboarding t-shirt along with his large 10 1/2 size men's shoes. We even tried to press our luck and slick his hair back--he had beautiful hair and we always wanted him to do this but he refused while alive--all shaggy was his style. In the end though he still won--we ended up letting is fall onto his face, it didn't look like him to be so polished. What does a parent wear? My husband bought a black skateboarding t-shirt to wear in his honor underneath his suit coat. When you have such tragedy your body slows down and you get cold. I was freezing everywhere I went after DJ's death and his funeral was no exception. I wore a fur coat into the service, during the service and after the service. I wondered a little if people thought I was trying to be showy, but I was freezing and unless you have had such unimaginable tragedy overcome your life you would not understand. I didn't wonder or really care very long.

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