Friday, May 21, 2010

Organ Donation

A kind woman with a kind face and a kind voice comes and talks to me and my husband. Her words are kind but her message is hard for us to hear. She would like to know if we have considered donating his organs. I have never considered donating any of my child's organs--why would I? I am an organ donor, it is on my license but DJ doesn't even have a license yet. He hasn't had this chance to make this choice and now we are making it for him. Yes, yes we will donate his organs. We have a friend who's son had a kidney transplant, we understand the need for this. We just wish it wasn't our son that was doing the donating. That is what everyone wishes--that is wasn't their child, that is wasn't their family, that is wasn't happening to them. But if not to us then to who? It will happen to someone you know, it could happen to you-it happened to us. In this world it is unfair to think nothing bad will ever happen to you or your family. This fact absolutely does not make what has happened to DJ any easier, it is just a fact that sucks daily.
The woman with the kind voice asks us DJ's health questions. Again hard questions. She asks about DJ's sexual history, he hasn't even kissed a girl yet, what sexual history is there? She is kind and she keeps asking questions and we answer them-he was healthy, he was beautiful, he was kind, he was fantastic, he was amazing, he was my boy--those are the answers I want to give her but those don't count on this piece of paper. We sign the papers, now with our signature our life changes again and DJ's organs will be donated. Another signature.

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