Tuesday, May 11, 2010

October 7, 2006-the beginning of a different life

My cell phone rang, caller id wasn't a number I knew. It was DJ's friend telling me DJ hit his head while skateboarding. I asked a few questions and when he said the ambulance was on it's way I knew I had to fly to rescue my boy. Fortunately I was driving in town and less than a mile from the accident scene. As I arrived I saw so many people, DJ's best friend sitting on the curve crying and DJ laying in the middle of the street saying his head hurt. How was I to know this was the last time I would ever hear DJ's voice. The ambulance arrived and the technicians kept talking to him, cutting up his favorite shirt to examine him(I remember thinking how upset he was going to be about that). Before I knew it they had him in the ambulance and were taking him away. I never got to say goodbye or I love you to my boy.

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