Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where to bury my boy

Planning a funeral for a parent is difficult, planning a funeral for a child is horrific. Where to bury DJ is the first question we have to deal with. We live in a small town and decide to do this at a small funeral home nearby. We drive up to the funeral home and it looks old, it looks dreary and looks sad. It looks like I feel. This won't work, we don't even go into the place. We don't even bother to call them and let them know we aren't showing up. Very quickly we decide to bury DJ at a cemetary near my husband's work, it is less than a mile away and already has a history with DJ. When he was about 3 years old we all went to this same cemetary and put flowers on Donnie's grandparents grave. There was a large water fountain there and DJ apparently needed to go to the bathroom. He must have thought the fountain was a large toilet, down his pants went and he relieved himself right there. Donnie and I covered our mouths and laughed so hard, it probably looked like we were crying but instead we were laughing hysterically. So in the end, in the final end we didn't have to think too hard about where DJ needed to be. He had already marked this cemetary, he already had history there and it was his place to be. It is crazy how something so random can happen in your life that you can make a huge monumental decision out of it. Our decision of where to bury DJ was made 10 years earlier. Life has a way of coming full circle.

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