Saturday, February 26, 2011

Don't forget our children

Tonight is my first book signing. It is at a wonderful cupcake bakery in a nearby city (Jones Bros Cupcake at 67th and Center from 7to9pm).

My biggest concern this entire time writing the book is that I may have misquoted or misrepresented a fact or word from the people I interviewed. It gives me a pit in my stomach to even think it. I have apologized ahead of time to the parents just in case something wrong is found.

I remember when DJ passed away and there were things in the media that were said wrong. I hated to read the errors and I had no where to go with them. I could have got in touch with the newspapers, the television spots but what good would it have done? Errors were made, things were incorrect-all this said though-It has been over 4 years and I still remember every wrong comment. I remember them describing the accident details wrong, I remember them showing pictures of the location of the candle light vigil at the wrong place. I remember them stating the accident location wrong. I remember and remember and remember.

No one wants their child's memory or life remembered wrong, but here is the biggest thing we don't want to happen--WE DON'T WANT PEOPLE TO FORGET OUR CHILD--It breaks my heart to think that people will someday no longer remember DJ or any of the family's children I interviewed. Someday all of DJ's belongings will be at a thrift store for someone to rummage through and they will have no idea how loved DJ was. How he had touched those things and ran his hands over them. How he labored over the mini skateboards and the ramps he made with division cards, how he loved the scooby doo pillow-even at age 13. How the Matrix and Lord of Ring guys spent hours jumping in his room by his hands. How his green pillow is still on his bed and someday the material will be in shreds, I have already had to sew it to keep it intact for Jake.

I hope this book and others like it will continue to keep our children's memories alive. Everyday they are alive in our hearts! Everyday they are just a memory away.

If you are able to come tonight and enjoy cupcakes that would be wonderful. If you are able to come tonight and remember the children interviewed in this book and all the others that have left us too early please do. Lisa--forever, to heaven and back-DJ's mom

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