Friday, November 5, 2010


Many people inherit pets from their lost ones. These animals can go into shock and grieve just like people.

Pets will wait anxiously at the door for their owners to come home not realizing that they will never see them again.

The animals often lay on the blankets and beds of their lost owners and refuse to get up.

They smell their loved ones smells and long to be touched again by their owners.

The worst part about inheriting these pets is that someday they will pass away as well. These animals are one of the last physical connections people have with their children.

I know someday DJ's dog will pass away and that I will grieve her and it will cause me to grief DJ again. Someday all these inherited pets will be gone and it will be another loss that the loved ones left behind will have to endure.

I know I have talked before about the loss of an animal being compared to the loss of a child and the bitterness and anger it causes in me -in this case however; it is another connection, another loss, another pain that causes great pain in us. To the new owners of these dogs we do not want to see them go, to see them go is to lose our children all over again.

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