Thursday, November 18, 2010

Would it have been easier not to have had DJ?

After a friend posted a comment about my blog it made me think about something parents that have lost children think but rarely say...

Would it have been easier to never have had our children than have the pain we now have? We probably have all thought it quietly but never said it aloud. And really why would we say it out loud? We can't do anything about it, it is a useless question to even ask but it does come to mind.

So I will answer it anyway...

Absolutely YES.

Everyone would take the pain that can nearly destroy us just to still have the memories of our children.

We would all rather have had the joy and privilege of having our children in our life than not having had them and having no pain.

Immense pain comes from immense love. Without the love the children had for us and we for them we would not have such great sorrow.

Absolutely yes is my answer. I would not trade the 13 years of having DJ in my life and the great overpowering grief that I can have now for nothing. I would rather have the pain of losing him than the pain of never having had him.

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