Saturday, November 13, 2010

No one is immune

A family I interviewed for my book lost their youngest daughter in a car wreck five years ago, she was only 15 years old. This month their oldest daughter was in a horrible car wreck and has been in intensive care for over a week. She is in a medicated coma because of all the injuries she has sustained.

No one ever thinks something this horrible can happen to them. No one ever has children and when they are born think that someday they will have to bury them. We all kind of live in a bubble of "it won't happen to me, it will happen to them..." (I'm not sure who "them" is but I was sure it couldn't be me)

But then you lose a child and you become one of them. You are the one that it happens to, not someone else. Your immunity wears off.

After losing a child I think there are two trains of thought as a parent regarding your remaining children...One that it could never happen again. Two that it could happen again.

In the case of this wonderful family it almost happened again. The young woman is still fighting for her life, she may never be the same again once she remains consciousness--so much is uncertain.

All this said their is one certainty I am aware of---parents need prayer. Parents who lose children need continued prayer even after 5 years, 10, 20-the need never goes away. But also parents who haven't lost children need prayer. Life is hard, life is very hard and we all need to be praying even harder for one another.

I didn't mean to challenge you all again but I guess I am-PRAY. Pray for those you love, pray for those you know, pray for your enemies, pray for your children, pray for our country, pray for whoever you feel led to pray for. As Nike says--Just do it!


  1. Thank you Lisa again for a wonderful posting. You wrote everything that I had swirling around in my head. It's crazy how even though ages and losses of our children are different, the thoughts and feelings are exactly the same. I will continue to PRAY for everyone!
    God Bless & Love,

  2. Amber, Shelley, Craig, Ryan and Bailey all need our prayers for healing, comfort, strength and love. The Wilkins family are our family and their pain is our pain. They are teaching us so much during this terrible time. Their strength, faith, love and support by so many is a testament to their Christian faith. We are all lucky to know them and it is a priviledge to pray for them. Bless you Lisa for your continued dedication to all of us. d