Saturday, June 26, 2010

You become a part of a group

A friend of mine notified me this week that she has a friend who's 2 year old boy was found in the family pool. He has been at the local children's hospital and they are waiting for the swelling to go down in his brain. My friend wants to know if I can talk to the mother since we have similar situations. This is a new role in life I have, not one that I had ever planned on having. It is not a role or a group that I ever thought I would be a part of. Nor is it one any parent ever plans on being in. It is a group however with very strong bonds. I now have friends from this group that I cherish the friendships of . We are now in a group that completely understands one another. When we say we understand, we understand! We can listen to each other's problems and we get it. We as parents want to hear our children's names and in this group we can openly say their name and expect to hear it as well.
I know that I will have to call this mother if her child doesn't make a recovery. I couldn't call anyone that I was recommended to call after DJ passed away, it took too much strength and energy to do so. It was the phone calls of other parents in this group that helped me. These group members reached out to me when I could not reach out to anyone, when my grief was too much of a burden.

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