Thursday, July 1, 2010

Be like Nike and Just Do It!!

After a child dies no one on the outside really knows what to do or say. There is no "right thing" to say in any of this because a parent should not be burying their child. For the family members and people on the inside we don't know what to do or say either. I had some friends and neighbors do and say some great things. When I came home from the visitation (stupid name, we are not visiting the deceased by the way) two neighbors were mowing my yard and weeding the lawn. It never occured to me to do this chore, who cares about a lawn when your world is thrown upside down? It was such a blessing to me when they did this. It was an act of love that I didnt' have to ask for and they just took it upon themselves to do. These are the kind of things we as parents need from our friends. We are in too much pain to even think logically or tell you what we need. We need you to figure it out for us. Just do it. Don't do it loudly and with great gesture, do it quietly when we aren't looking. I had a pastor tell me to send my kids back to school when they were ready. Best advice I got through it all, when they were ready they went back. They didn't go the entire day for awhile but eventually they got back into routine. I had another friend call me everyday for almost a year. She just checked in on me, I didn't ask her to do it, she just did. Again, be like Nike and JUST DO IT.

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