Sunday, June 20, 2010

Celebrate life whether you want to or not!

Today is Father's day. My husband didn't want to do anything today for the holiday. He wanted to ignore it but I had to remind him that the holiday isn't just for him it is for the kid's to remember him, to celebrate him. Just because DJ is gone we as parents don't have the right to take holidays away from our kids. It is not fair of us to let them lose that part of their world. Regardless of our own pain, regardless of how it makes us feel, it will make them feel bad if they don't have an opportunity to celebrate life. We don't want to celebrate life, we want to forget all those holidays, all of the things we used to do with our whole family. We as parents see no need in having these holidays because we don't have a complete family. Well that is just too bad for us as parents, we need to continue to let our children celebrate and find joy in the world. So much has been taken from our children and we do not have the right to take more. We have to give our children back some of their trust in the world, some of their joy in it. We have to get out of the way of our own grief and celebrate life for those around us--whether we want to or not!

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