Friday, January 21, 2011

My daughter gets a gift

Yesterday I was watching my daughter Emilee who is 20 and my youngest son Jake who is 13 talking and jabbing each other. What I came to realize was that my daughter had gotten a gift and didn't even realize it.

When my son DJ passed away he was 13 years 4 months and 20 days old. Emilee was 15 at the time. They were absolutely the best of friends. When one was angry or upset I would send the other one after them because they would tell each other their deepest secrets. I was never concerned that I wouldn't be able to know something because the other was always capable of pulling important information out of one another for me. There were no secrets between the two. When DJ passed away she lost her best friend. She was crushed and I don't think even now she has truly worked through it. It was easier for her to quit talking about DJ then deal with the pain of losing him. It has impacted her life through and through though I doubt she would agree or admit it.

Jake is now 13 years old 2 months and 27 days old. He is not her brother DJ, he will never replace DJ for her but she now has that brother back in a mild way. They were harassing each other, they were laughing till it hurt and it made me happy.

Emilee has got a gift from her youngest brother that I don't think she will ever realize. She has the gift of a younger brother who will always love her and always tease her and will be there for her. She hasn't had that in over 4 years and it is bringing great joy to me to see their relationship evolving into something she can hang onto.

I am sure Jake doesn't realize the importance of his relationship for her. I am hoping this will be one of the first steps to her healing. She will be able to have that friendship that was taken away from her at DJ's death. I didn't know that she would ever be able to have that friendship again and it honestly brings tears to my eyes to see our world revolving and changing in a positive way.

In this matter time has helped- it may have taken over 4 years for the gift to be received but my daughter got a gift that is irreplaceable.

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