Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Words?

Happy New Year everyone! Words, words, and more words...

This week my family had dinner with a close friend who has had a few family members pass away in the last couple of years. For some reason unknown to him for the last two weeks people have been coming to his work and telling them how sorry they are for his loss. These same people then continued to tell him story, after story of his loved ones. Not just a few stories but novels of them. By the end of the work day my friend was completely exhausted, he had heard way too many words for the week.

A few months after DJ passed away I went to a business meeting for my company and from the time I stepped out onto the parking lot and left 6 hours later person, after person felt the need to tell me how sorry they were for my loss. I couldn't wait to leave the meeting and was absolutely beat up by the words at the end of it.

I want to explain what I am trying to say here...We love hearing stories about our loved ones. As you also know from reading my blog we love to hear the names of those that have passed away. We know you want to express your sympathy to us and to console us as well. However, please consider the environment where you are expressing those the middle of a work meeting isn't probably the time to tell us over and over again how sorry you are. We don't often have the energy to hear stories for hours, especially when people say "I don't mean to make you sad BUT". Well, honestly what do you think is going to happen after this kind of comment?

We don't want to be mean to you, we don't want to be harsh to you. We appreciate the words you say to us but please take time to consider the location, the amount of words you say, the type of stories you tell us. Please consider our feelings before you express yours.

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