Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I take my own advice

Having technical difficulties here, this is the second time trying to post so we will see what happens. This week I had to take my own advice and just do it. I previously blogged that family and friends of grieving parents should just do it and help them. Well, I did my own version of just do it and I made a decision to live life as an adventure--this was a way to help me and my family. My husband, son (Jake) and I went away for the weekend and took the back roads to get to our destination. We found a Madison County Bridge (from the movie). We checked out John Wayne's birthplace and also saw a bank that Bonnie and Clyde had robbed. We decided to live and have an adventure.
The 4th of July holiday was one of DJ and my husband's favorites and there were times when the grief wanted to poke in and express itself--there were memories of DJ blowing up the biggest and baddest fireworks he could find, there were sad thoughts of him not being around to teach Jake how to blow up GI Joes but we walked through it and continued to find joy on the other side. We made a decision to live life and not allow the sorrow and grief to stop us. My own advice back at me--JUST DO IT!

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