Friday, June 24, 2011

Power of Music

I heard a song on the radio today and it made me sad.  It had absolutely nothing to do with DJ-no connection to him at all----however, the singer was singing about her boyfriend asking her to marry him and it hit me like a ton of bricks that DJ will never ask a girl to marry him, I will never have grandchildren from DJ.  These are facts I know, these are things I have known now for almost 5 years now but the song triggered that realization extra hard today.

With all this said I wanted to share the song we played at DJ's funeral--I know many of you have probably heard this song from Mercy Me but it is still worth sharing--if you are looking for or needing a good cry today this will do it. 

"I Can Only Imagine"

I can only imagine
What it will be like
When I walk
By your side

I can only imagine
What my eyes will see
When your face
Is before me
I can only imagine

Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel
Will I dance for you Jesus or in awe of you be still
Will I stand in your presence or to my knees will I fall
Will I sing hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all
I can only imagine

I can only imagine
When that day comes
And I find myself
Standing in the Son

I can only imagine
When all I will do
Is forever
Forever worship You
I can only imagine


I can only imagine [x2]

I can only imagine
When all I will do
Is forever, forever worship you

Sidenote--my family will be driving down to Joplin the third week of July and we are currently doing a clothes drive.  If you are local and want to add some clothes to the pile please email me at and we can make arrangements to get it picked up from you!! Thanks for helping those that have nothing!  Lisa


  1. My son was suddenly called to heaven on July 24, 2008. Today is his 23th birthday. I spent the day surfing around the internet and found your blog. I can relate to so many things that you have shared. Someone sang "I Can Only Imagine" at his service. I can't tell you how many times this song has come on the radio when I've started the car or turned on the radio. My son's name is Daniel John (a DJ too but was always called Daniel. Do you know how often Elton John's Daniel plays on the radio too? Anyway, I appreciate you sharing your heart. I've read scattered posts and I related to them all. I have 3 daughters that are hurting also. I try not to obsess on the day that we will all be together - it will be glorious. Just as our lives were changed forever when our baby boys were born, they have been forever changed by them leaving. Looking forward to more of your entried. Bless you.

  2. I must admit i've been feeling forgotten by the Lord. I am trying to remember all the blessings he supplied me with to get through those first moments of loosing my son and clinging to what i know. He is with me. He also had to watch his son suffer. so i must remember he is here holding me up saying "I know, child". Thank you for your posts. they are really helping me through this new way of life.