Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I was watching the news about Bin Laden today--figuring it was completely safe. Ofcourse I was so wrong. A story scrolled down on the screen that I should not have read. A mother killed her husband and her 12 year old daughter and then set her home on fire, killing herself as well.

This just makes me sick. How many of us would give our own lives to have our child back? How many of us would go to hell and back to hug them again? How many of us only want the years behind us to be nothing more than a nightmare? This child did not have the opportunity to grow up and see the world, that life was stolen away from her.

I don't know the circumstances, the dynamics of this family that made this woman take such extreme action I only know that the gift of life is so precious and after losing a child I am more aware of that than ever. It breaks my heart to know that this happened to a child, it rocks me to the core to hear those kind of stories, over and over again.

I do not have enough words to full express that none of us should take life for granted. It is a gift and none of us know how long we have or our own children have. When I dedicated our children back to the Lord when they were young it was to show respect to God. Showing that I truly did not own my children but that they are only on loan from God. This too I understood like never before after DJ passed away.

Don't take your child for granted, don't take your spouse or any loved one for granted today. In fact I challenge you all today to let those around you know that you love them. We all need to hear that daily, and sometimes more than just once!! That woman must not have felt loved to have caused so much pain and tragedy, how sad and horrible. Love those around you today.

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