Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How are you today?

A question commonly asked in Western culture...How are you? And the expected answer is always FINE. How are you today? Fine How are you feeling? Fine How are things going? Fine Do you know what FINE means? Feelings Inside Not Expressed Do most people really want to know how we feel? No, not really. Everyone just wants the normal answer of Fine. Somedays we are fine, others we are obviously not. How are you today? Heartbroken How are you feeling? Like crap How are things going? Like a train wreck and the hole looks promising Today and next week I challenge you to see how many people just say "FINE" when you ask them how they are doing. I challenge you to see how many times y0u respond with the same verbage. We are not fine, not of us are fine--bereaved parent or not. Are you strong enough to hear the real answer of how we as all people are doing? Do you truly care how we are all doing? Do any of us care about the people around us enough to pause two seconds and truly find out how we are doing? How am I doing today? I am doing good enough, movers are coming tonight and we move into a different home tomorrow (only two miles away) I am too tired to be sad, I am too exhausted to find that hole. It is far away today. I have had glimpses of sadness this week, I have seen DJ's GI Joe house and that made me sad. Jake and I took down some of DJ's pictures off the bedroom door and that made both of us a little sad. There are hills and valleys of grief but no mountains right now. Next week may be different---just ask and I might tell you FINE and I might not.

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